About us

Who are we?

Are you a shopaholic? We love you to be just that. It’s in our name-our sole goal is to make you happy by bringing to you, unbelievable deals and offers on items that interest you! For all your online shopping fantasy, Offercharge is the best platform simply because we help you save money while you purchase your required product online! We work on simple logic-we grab all the deals, coupons and offers from different brands and e-stores and present them to you so that you can choose your store to buy from, which offers the best deal. Wise enough, right? Well, we understand how important it is to save money.

Yet, do not, even for a second, think that Offercharge is just a website like any other, offering you deals and coupons. Our team consists of shopping-lovers like you! They know what exactly you are looking for. We are a community! And think about how exciting it is, to earn a cashback whenever you make a purchase. We really help you save big, don’t we? We bridge the void between you and your favorite brand so that, you get to feel that adrenaline rush when you shop your favorite item from your darling brand while saving a great deal of money!

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