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Name: Madhuri
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Winner's Answers

What do you love about Republic Day?
TIRANGA everywhere The unity equality and the festival for all Indians to celebrate and remember great souls who sacrificed soo much for us VIJAYEE VISHWA TIRANGA PYAARA JANDA UNCHA RAHE HAMARA

What fun memories do you have that you would like to share?
From the time of my birth, may be where I don't even know what and why is Republic day celebrated, our family celebrate it every year. Its my AMMA's birthday, and it takes the pride to celebrate it. Flag hoisting , followed by patriotic songs, remembering great leaders, winning competitions , getting rewarded and later have a nice meal with friends and family together , makes the day more special and fun.

How can Republic Day be more interesting, any opinions?
An initiative/ campaign to throw poverty, freeing women from hazardous acts and unemployment away from our country would be more interesting and fetching good for the society.