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If shopping is what you desire, we the members of OfferCharge are here to oversee that you fulfill it. We indulge in creating Recharge, deals and offers for every member of the society that can help them become a smart shopper. In this world of constant competitive rates, our belief lies in the prospect of delivering information which is relevant to you as a user and beneficial to the brands we cater to. Our assurance lays its foundation on the fact that good things matter and good things need to be paid for. The team of OfferCharge is a dedicated bunch of creative shoppers who are just like you, assorted to various realms of online shopping and improving your experience in terms of hosting a domain for you which is simple to use and highly efficient to make things easy when it comes to shopping. We have a vast array of discount Recharge, deals and offers for you to avail based on your necessities, whether it’s shopping diapers for your baby, buying new clothes and cool tech or treating your loved ones to a meal they deserve, we help you save bigger on all prospects of shopping and abide by the following privacy policy to ensure that your give and take relationship with brands is catered to with utmost care.


This document is generated in line with the various provisions falling under the terms of use, privacy policy rules for fruitful access to or usage of www.OfferCharge.com, our domain name (hereinafter recognized as ‘website’ is a property of Adcanopus Digital Media Pvt Ltd which is herein after recognized as ‘company’, incorporated within Companies Act of 1956 and registered at #555, Axis Pedegal, 1st Floor,JP Nagar 3rd Phase, 9th Cross Near Sony Center, bangalore-560078. Users are requested to go through the terms of use as well as privacy policies very attentively before accessing our site because your use of the site would naturally indicate that you have gone through our terms and policies, understood and agreed to accept those that would actually bind you to OfferCharge through a legally binding contract agreement. In these terms of use, his document caters to wherever you come across words like ‘User’ or ‘You’ as per requirement; you must know that these words are used to describe any legal or a proactive individual who is eager to use the site for mere browsing purpose or to fetch Recharge. The site or the applications through which the services of the site are offered does not give freedom to a user of this sort of contractual relationship in realms of non-registrations. The words ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ that you come across in this document refer to OfferCharge.com or the company.
It must be noted that our privacy policies or terms of use may be altered, modified, updated from time to time without any prior notice. To keep yourself aware of any latest updates or modifications with regard to the policies, you need to study the policies from time to time. Your continued usage of the site post modification/updating of terms and policies would naturally indicate that you are aware of the changes and are relying to follow the changed policies. We grant a user a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and personal authority to access our site and application as long as he or she shows respect and is okay with our ‘terms of use’. By implicitly or explicitly agreeing to our ‘terms of use’ you agree to the other policies of OfferCharge.com as well such as privacy policies which too would be updated or modified periodically.

Offercharge may send you promotional mailers about goods or services offered at our website. These promotional materials may be sent to you through email or other means. You may opt-out of receiving these communications.

Legal Agreement

Users of OfferCharge.com by accessing the site or the services offered by the site are bound to the rules and regulations falling within a legal contract. When you access our site, you automatically agree to comply with the legal responsibilities of the contract between OfferCharge.com and you as its user. Also this legal contract makes you aware of the legal rights you would enjoy as a OfferCharge.com user. The legal contract terms may or may not be associated with software applications or mobile applications related to the site and its services that include sharing or delivery of info via the site whether existing at present or in future, bearing a link to the legal terms implied on the user of OfferCharge

Eligibility to Use

Only users of 18 years of age and beyond are eligible to use our site. Those below 18 years of age are restricted from accessing OfferCharge and can only use the site under the strict supervision of a parent or a legal guardian. We hold the rights to restrict a user from using the site in case it is we come upon the fact that the user is under 18 years of age. Individuals held as insolvents and hereby ‘incompetent to user contract’ as per the Indian Contract Act of 1872 are denied access to the site. If any user has his/her Facebook account linked up with our OfferCharge.com user profile, we the management of OfferCharge hold all the rights to look up into the user’s social media accounts to ascertain the user’s details. You as OfferCharge.com user hereby give us all the permission to access your account on Facebook and the friend list you have therein. We reserve total right to limit the access of a portion of the website or even the entire website for our paying customer groups who may use a unique login id as well as password in order to access these restricted zones of our site.

User Obligations

We grant you the status of OfferCharge.com user but in a ‘restricted’ manner.

  • As our ‘restricted user’ you are required not to modify, reverse engineer, copy, cut, publish, post, disseminate, distribute, construct derivative terms or words from or sell or transfer any digital asserts or information derived from OfferCharge. You may do so only with our permission when we assign limited usage of the site, as and when you require information that may be beneficial for you and us a Brand / Company. To set aside any doubt, we further clarify that we strictly prohibit any kind of wholesome/unlimited copying or reproduction / representation of OfferCharge’s content or unmotivated /not called for alteration of any sort of data within the content of OfferCharge for noncommercial and commercial use.

  • As our restricted user, you must agree not to use the site, its services or materials through any other modes other than the website and application Interface offered to you by OfferCharge. Your use of spider, robot, deep-link or any other different type of automatic algorithm generation, embed program or deviceof some equivalent manual systems with an attempt to copy, acquire, monitor, access any part of the site or its content or in an attempt to alter or reproduce the site’s navigational structure or site presentation is strictly prohibited and will be looked upon as an ‘offence’. As our user, you agree to the fact that during your access of our proprietary product or services, you may come across content from many different users which could appear to you rather indecent, objectionable or offensive. OfferCharge.com disclaims liabilities ensuing out of such content. Furthermore you have all the right to report us of such content that appears ‘offensive’ to you.

  • In certain portions of our digital content and properties where you are allowed to upload or post information/data you must ensure that whatever you upload/post abides by the terms of applicable laws and doesn’t appear to be ‘offensive’. Furthermore, you must make sure not to defame, abuse, erode, demean, harass, abrogate, threaten, disillusion or even violate the lawful of the other users such as Impersonation misrepresentation, falsely assume the role of an individual, entity or your affiliation with any entity or person get involved in any sort of activity that would interfere with your uninterrupted access to our properties or disrupt the effective and uninterrupted functioning of our site.

  • Download a file that has been posted by any other user and which is actually a document that is not supposed to be distributed legally in this way.

  • Disrupt the security systems of our site, interfere with our servers, resources, pass words, networks, accounts accessible via our site or connected to our site or accessible through any linked site or affiliated site

  • Store or collect data regarding other users in relation to prohibited activities and conduct stated in the above section

  • Make use of the site or its content for any unlawful purpose or for any other purpose strictly prohibited by our ‘terms of use’ or solicit the occurrence of any sort of activity that is illegal or that which infringes the third party rights or the OfferCharge.com rights

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  • Distribute or upload corrupted or virus-affected files or any other type of program or software that may disrupt the operations of our site or the computer of some other user

  • Post any sort of file that would infringe the trademark, copyright or patent of our other lawful entities

  • Probe, test or scan our site’s vulnerability or any network associated with our website, nor create any sort of breach of the authentication or security measures imposed on our site. You are not supposed to trace or attempt to trace or reverse-lookup any info on any of our site visitor or user or customer or site account that does not come under your ownership or exploit our services, site or information on the site whether urged by the motive to divulge any info or not, consisting in but not alone limited to info for ‘personal identification’ other the info we provide about you on our site

  • Create a breach of the rules and regulations listed in our ‘terms of use’ consisting in but not alone restricted to any sort of applicable and additional terms of our site whether herein or at other locations

  • Publish, disseminate or post any info that is grossly obscene, defamatory, blasphemous, harmful, pornographic, disparaging, ethnically and racially objectionable, pedophilic, interfering with the privacy of others, unlawful, encouraging gambling activities and anything that appears to represent women indecently as per the regulations falling under the 1986 prohibitory act against indecent representation of the women race

  • Create a breach of the codes of conduct pertaining to any of our services

  • Break any law, rule or regulation that is at present in force within the country or even in the International circle.

  • Threaten the nation’s sovereignty, security, unity, integrity, defense, friendly terms with neighboring countries or urge the occurrence of any sort of cognizable offence or thwart the investigation procedure for any sort of offense or bring insult to any neighboring nation

  • Create for us any type of liability or make us lose a part of or rather the entire gamut of the services obtained through our ISPS or Internet Service Provider or any other supplier
  • Disclaimer of Warranties & Liabilities

You explicitly agree as well as understand that to maximum limits as allowed by applicable laws:

  • The site, the materials on the site or services offered by the site comes without any type of warranties on ‘as is’ basis whether express, statutory, implied or otherwise including implied warranties associated with non-infringement, title, fitness for any one specific purpose or merchantability. Without restricting the foregoing, OfferCharge.com makes no warranties as to the fact that

  • Your needs will be attended to all the time or that our services all the time will be secure, uninterrupted, error-free and timely

  • All materials as well as info obtained through our site or results delivered via our site will reliable, effective or accurate

  • To the maximum limits as per applicable laws, OfferCharge.com has no liability pertaining to the user content falling under rights to intellectual property, privacy, libel, publicity, obscenity and the like. We at the same time disclaim of every liability arising out of loss, unavailability, misuse or modification of any of our user contents

  • Neither we, nor are affiliates can be held liable for any third party action or content or virus attack that might bring damage to your computer or any other property

  • OfferCharge.com bears statements, facts, recommendations, views of third party groups, organizations & individuals. We by no means endorse or represent the reliability, accuracy or current-ness of any statement, advice, opinion or any other info uploaded, distributed or displayed in any form onto our site. If you rely on any such info, statement, opinion or advice you do it entirely upon your own risk, and we are in no way liable for this.

  • Under no circumstances are we or our agents or affiliates or employees, licensors, content providers be held liable for any sort of consequential, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages consisting in damages pertaining to (with or without limitation) change of a user’s data or transmissions, unauthorized access to the site, any mistake or omission in site content. Even if made aware of a possibility of these type of damages, neither we, nor our employees or affiliates can be held for any sort of ‘direct damages’ that exceed a sum of Rs5000

  • You as a OfferCharge.com user understand, accept and agree to the fact that whatever material or data you download from our site or receive via our site, you do it upon your own free will and you alone are responsible for this act of yours. If your computer suffers a damage due to this downloading or you lose a bulk of your data, we are not to be held responsible for that

  • OfferCharge.com does not bear the responsibility for typographical errors resulting in ‘invalid Recharge’. We disclaim of all liability arising from any omission, error, with regard to any info offered to you whether it is on behalf of third parties or on behalf of the info itself.

Also, OfferCharge.com is in no way liable for the goods or services of any third party. The advertisement you come across on our site in relation to any third party product, services or site is just for information purpose.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

You agree to hold the site along with its agents, employees, affiliate vendors harmless, defend or indemnify all against or from all types of liabilities, damages, losses, claims, demands, expenses & costs that include disbursements & legal fees associated therewith & chargeable interests thereon, incurred or asserted against by OfferCharge.com that result from though not solely limited to trade disparagement, defamation claims, privacy infringement, infringement on intellectual property, any sort of breach of representation, agreement, covenant or warranty committed or obligations that need to be followed by you in accordance with these set of terms and ‘harms’ or afflictions consisting in court costs and attorney remunerations, or associated with any sort of allegation about

  1. Your usage of our site
  2. Our usage of any type of content or info supplied by you as long as it is kept in mind that the info used is relevant and consistent to the given agreement
  3. Materials or any sort of info posted via the membership account you have with us even if it is not you who made the post.
  4. Any breach of the given agreement on your part

Furthermore, you agree to prove our status as ‘harmless’ in response to any sort of claims made by third party groups resulting from or related to your usage of our site, any claim declaring that any third party suffered damage due to your material, your breach of any sort of rights such as rights related to intellectual property or any other or breach of this ‘terms of usage’

Under no circumstances will our employees, officers, directors, suppliers, partners hold any sort of liability to you. Any of our third party groups or vendors , for any indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or special damages whatsoever consisting in those arising out of loss of profits, data or use, whether foreseeable or not or whether we were made aware of the probability of such harms or damages or not or dependent on any principles of liability including violation of warranties or contract, negligence or any other such tortuous activity or claim resulting from or in relation to your access to our site, content and services.

The exclusions as well as limitations falling under this section are subject to maximum limits of applicable laws

We do our level best to provide for the trust our customers place in us. We make sure to abide by the above policies to the best of our abilities and ensure high and irreplaceable standards in terms of maintaining confidentiality of customer information and take security of transactions a matter of grave seriousness. The terms and conditions mentioned above highlight the same effort which we regulate to ensure user experience of Sale Kode is kept valid in terms of salability, usability and comfort of access.

Refund Policy - All Sales are Final;

All sales of Recharge are final with no refund or exchange permitted. You are responsible for the mobile number or DTH account number you purchase Recharge for and all charges that result from those purchases. Recharge Centre is not responsible for any purchase of Recharge for an incorrect mobile number or DTH account number. However, if in a transaction performed by you on the Site, money has been charged to your card or bank account and a Recharge is not delivered within 24 hours of your completion of the transaction then you may inform us by sending an email to our customer services email address mentioned on the Contact Us page. Please include in the email the following details - the mobile number (or DTH account number), operator name, Recharge value, Transaction date and Order Number. Recharge Centre shall investigate the incident and if it is found that money was indeed charged to your card or bank account without delivery of the Recharge then you will be refunded the money within 14 working days from the date of receipt of your email.

Cashback Policy

Each user can avail cashback on specific coupon only once.

If user is not logged in, user is not eligible for Cashback

If the user cancels the bought item/product, then cashback will also be Cancelled

Offercharge Cashback earned when shoping online remains in 'Pending Balance' for 6-12 weekswhile we await for confirmation from the online store that the order has not been returned or exchanged. Post confirmation the amount moves to your Current Balance.

Pending balance is only an estimate and it may change upon final confirmation from the merchant.

The wallet transfer,Sign up rewards, Return-back money(From recharge cancellation) landing in wallet will move to 'Current Balance'